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Posted on March 25th, 2022 06:54 AM EST
First of all, thank you so much to everyone who voted for Valheim in the GDCA Audience Awards! We managed to win both that and the Best Debut category, which we found out just this week. It’s such an honour, and it really means a lot to us.

But now, on to the blog:

Spring is finally beginning to make itself known in our part of the world, which is always a welcome sight after the long and dark winter. If you can’t get enough of the cold however, you can always venture into the Frost Caves of Valheim, which we released a couple of weeks ago. It’s been an absolute joy for us to read the stories you have shared of your adventures in these new parts of the game!

In the beginning of March the Steam Decks also began to roll out to players. By now, we’re happy to say that Valheim has gotten a full compatibility verification:

Aside from that, the team is fully focused on creating the Mistlands. New creatures are given life, dungeons are being planned out, and weapons are being crafted. Designing a new biome is a large undertaking, with many pieces that need to slot together before it can become the complete experience it needs to be, and it will require a lot of iterations and testing before it’s done. The biome is quite some time away still, but we are excited for it and we believe the result will be well worth the wait! Until then, here’s a piece of concept art we’d like to share with you:

Some things in the Mistlands will also definitely be useful in other biomes, as you might have guessed when Richard teased a new weapon on Twitter a few weeks ago. Today we present a clearer image:

We also posted a speed modelling video where we showed off the creation of a bow which will also be part of the new arsenal. Can you guess what it will be called?

Keep in mind that these things might look a bit different when the update comes out, as these are not the final versions.

Build of the Month
This month, we have chosen a build created by Versaugh as our Build of the Month! Isn’t it nice? If you want to have the chance to have your building skills displayed in our next blog post, simply use the hashtag #ValheimBotM when posting on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

Until next time, skål!

The Iron Gate team

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