Blog Feed en Mon, 04 Oct 2021 16:46 CEST is a Valheim servers list. Its goal is to provide an efficient way for players to find a server that suits their needs and also for servers owners to get more players on their servers. 60 Patch 0.203.11 Mon, 04 Oct 2021 16:46 CEST here.]]> Patch 0.203.11 Mon, 04 Oct 2021 16:46 CEST
* Fixed issue with resolution setting in settings gui]]>
Patch 0.203.10 Mon, 04 Oct 2021 14:04 CEST Further post-Hearth & Home-tweaks
This time we’ve made some more adjustments to make everything feel more balanced. Some food stats have been changed, but more importantly all melee weapons will now cost less stamina to use. We also taught the Fulings some new battle tactics and told night-spawning monsters to go to bed once the sun is up. And since fall is properly setting in, you can now make your home even cozier (or spookier) with a Jack-o-turnip!

* Oven & cookingstation drop food items when destroyed
* Gamepad sensitivity save fix
* Acorn & Birch seed drop rate increased
* Onion seed icon tweak
* Player number difficulty scale tweaks
* Removed comfort from Crystal wall
* Atgeir, Blackmetal axe, Bronze spear tweaks
* Lower melee weapon stamina drain
* Knives have more durability
* Tweaked some food stats based on effort to craft (blood pudding, boar jerky, bread, deer stew, mincemeat sauce, wolf jerky)
* Night-spawning monsters despawn faster in the morning
* Parry ranged attacks staggers caster again (illogical but fun)
* Fuling AI tweaks (Spreads out & circles more)
* Longer Lox attack cooldowns
* Frost damage slowdown fix
* Shield tutorial trigger fix for wood shields
* Wood log 26° & 45° stability fix
* Jack-o-turnip enabled
* Torch + weapon jog animation fix
Patch 0.203.10 Mon, 04 Oct 2021 14:04 CEST here.]]> Monthly developer update: Hearth & Home arrives! Thu, 16 Sep 2021 15:01 CEST here.]]> Monthly developer update: Hearth & Home arrives! Thu, 16 Sep 2021 14:58 CEST Where the grass grows underfoot,
And the sky is blue overhead.
There will always be a
Hearth & Home.

(Spoilers ahead! If you want to discover the rest of the content yourself, you might not want to read this post just yet.)

Another month has passed since we spoke to you last, and what a month it’s been. First of all, the feedback from our cinematic trailer was incredible, and it has been great to see so many excited comments ahead of the update!

But now the wait is finally over, Vikings – Hearth & Home releases today. We’re incredibly excited to bring our first major update to you all, as well as a new video to show off some new gameplay!

As many of you will now know from the series of short spotlight videos, the Hearth & Home update brings plenty of new content to Valheim, expanding your gameplay options by introducing new mechanics, furniture, building pieces, food, weapons, optimizations and more.

The name of the update is Hearth & Home, which means that the cooking and the building got a bit of extra attention. For all the builders out there we have added a whole bunch of new build pieces and furniture, ranging everywhere from sturdy shingle roofs to a mighty stone throne.

We’ve also done our best to listen to community feedback, and several highly-requested features have made their way into this update. You’ll now be able to share map data with other vikings in your world, find seeds to plant more types of trees, and finally destroy your unwanted items with the new obliterator.

If taming animals is your thing, you’ll now find that you can name your favorite pets. We also suggest that you spend some extra time with your Lox...

While many features introduced in Hearth & Home have already been revealed, not even Odin has spied some of the new features being added with the update, including something dark and mysterious that seems to spread across the plains… Brave vikings should go and find out for themselves!

We hope you all enjoy the new content and want to thank you all again for your continued support as we continue our journey through Early Access together.


The Iron Gate Team

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Patch 0.202.14 (HEARTH & HOME)
General improvements
* Weapons rebalanced (All weapons have been rebalanced to be more viable as main weapon and also have more unique playstyles)
* Blocking system overhauled (Current maximum hp now greatly affects your ability to block attacks, stagger bar gui added)
* Naming tamed creatures
* Gamepad sensitivity settings
* Auto-pickup toggle button added
* Graphics settings (Active point lights & Active point light shadows)
* Tamed creatures affected by friendly fire setting (i.e you can’t hurt a tamed creature unless you enable friendly fire or use the new Butcher knife item)
* Various other improvements and bugfixes

* Food rebalance (Most food items now give mainly stamina or mainly health to make food choices more interesting)
* Food GUI overhauled to work better with the rebalanced food
* Over 10 new things to eat (Actually 12)

* Tamed Lox now have a purpose
* Slimy locations & creatures added to plains
* New plantable seeds: Birch, Oak & Onions

* New weapons: Crystal battleaxe, Silver knife
* New shields: Bone tower shield, Iron buckler
* Butcher knife (Special weapon for butchering tamed animals)
* Thunder stone (Sold by trader)
* Lox accessory

* New Darkwood building pieces like shingle roofs, beams, decorations and more
* New types of furniture, including but not limited to a mighty stone throne and a steamy viking hot tub
* Crystal walls
* New types of stacks to show off your treasure and resources
* Cauldron improvements: Spice rack, Butcher’s table, Pots and pans
* Cartography table (For sharing map-data with other players)
* Oven added (For baking bread and pie)
* Obliterator added (Items be gone)
* Iron cooking station (Required to cook some types of meat)

Monthly developer update: Hearth & Home arrives! Thu, 16 Sep 2021 14:58 CEST here.]]> Monthly developer update: Hearth & Home coming on September 16th! Wed, 25 Aug 2021 22:15 CEST
A month has passed since we spoke to you last, and we’ve got more exciting news to share. As many of you might have already seen, our Hearth & Home cinematic trailer debuted during Gamescom Opening Night Live, announcing that the update is going live on September 16th. It brings us joy to finally be able to share the trailer with you - here it is in case you haven’t seen it yet:

A million thanks to our awesome friends at animation studio Brikk for bringing the Viking purgatory to life - Bragi is surely smiling down on you.

From September 16th, we’ll be introducing new content that will expand your gameplay options, including new furniture, building pieces, food and more! We’ve begun introducing some of the core Hearth & Home gameplay changes through a series of short walkthrough videos on our socials, so make sure to check those out here.

We know you’re eager to see the new content as soon as possible - do not fret, children of the Allfather! While we’ve already revealed some of the new items in our previous Steam posts, here’s a peek at two other notable additions:

We cannot wait for you to dive into the game and discover the content update for yourselves. We’ve created Valheim to be a world of intrigue and mystery, and while we would love to share a full list of items coming in Hearth & Home with you right this very moment, we think it’s best if you discover these yourselves.

Last but not least, we have some exciting internal news as well. Our team of five will now welcome three new individuals as we continue to work on future updates. Please meet our new animator Christoffer Solgevik, our new programmer Jonathan Smårs and Andreas Thomasson who will be managing our QA.

Thank you for your continued support, whether it be amazing fan art, breathtaking builds or just really good memes. May your axes never dull, and may Odin’s blessing be upon you.

We’ll see you on September 16th - may the gods watch over you.

The Iron Gate Team

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Monthly developer update: Hearth & Home coming on September 16th! Wed, 25 Aug 2021 22:15 CEST here.]]> Monthly development update - more of what’s cookin’ in Hearth & Home Fri, 30 Jul 2021 14:59 CEST
We can’t believe it’s been over a month since we shared more details on Hearth & Home, and it’s time to share more! We have begun wrapping up our summer break, and wanted to share some new content we’ve been working on.

We’re still on track to deliver the update this very quarter, and as always, thank you for your kindness and patience. Your response to our roadmap post in June was super supportive, and the questions that came through in the reddit AMA gave us lots of inspiration for future updates.

Here’s a small haul of loot related Hearth & Home content:

Coin stack and Coin pile - so you can build a dragon worthy hoard with all your excess wealth (sorry trolls)

Treasure chest - to keep your additional excess wealth and supplies safe

Iron grate - to lock up your treasures, or maybe a captured greydwarf or two

We’re also happy to share that we have three new vikings joining the Iron Gate team next month, a programmer, an animator, and a QA Manager, who we’ll introduce you to soon.

May Frey bless you with a bountiful summer harvest!

The Iron Gate Team

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Patch 0.156.2 Thu, 01 Jul 2021 13:27 CEST We hear you!! =) , some tweaks to the monster AI to make them behave better when attacking structures etc.

* AI tweaks (Monsters should always target creatures [including players] first if they have a clear path to them & monsters should only attack low priority structures [walls etc.] if they are trying to get to a player)
Patch 0.155.7 Wed, 23 Jun 2021 18:22 CEST Gameplay wise this patch mostly fixes AI issues, as we tried to make monsters slightly more aggressive and attack your buildings etc. When they are not able to attack you. It’s fun for the whole family! Also it's midsummer here in Sweden, so we celebrate by temporarily making the Maypole buildable.

* Random save bug-fix (Solves a very unusual case of world corruption caused when shutting down)
* Monster AI tweaks (More aggressively attacking structures when unable to attack the player among other things)
* Open container fix (Fixes issue where you had to click a container multiple times to open it in multiplayer)
* Taught Greydwarfs to throw better
* Event trigger tweaks (Wolf event only triggers after Bonemass has been killed, Moder army can trigger in mountains etc.)
* Long forgotten Blob event enabled
* SFX volume setting fix (Used wrong DB conversion)
* Maypole enabled (Happy midsummer!)
* AI flee behaviour tweaks (Bosses don’t run from you anymore)
Roadmap changes, Hearth & Home content, & reddit AMA Thu, 10 Jun 2021 15:47 CEST
We want to start by thanking you all for the patience and kindness you’ve shown us since we launched in February. We launched into Early Access because we want to build the game with you, but never in our wildest dreams could we have imagined how many of you want to join us on this journey!

As we’re sure lots of you suspected, we won’t be able to deliver four updates this year. Instead, we’re now planning to launch Hearth & Home in Q3 2021, and we’re temporarily taking down the roadmap whilst we make some changes. We are sorry it’s taken us so long to update you.

We weren’t prepared for such a large influx of players, and this highlighted a thousand new problems and bugs that needed to be fixed urgently. Our priority has been to make the current experience as stable as possible and this has meant new content has taken a backseat. To put it clearly; we haven’t been able to focus all of our resources on Hearth & Home until May.

We hope that one of the reasons Valheim has resonated with so many of you is down to attention to detail. We don’t want to launch an update that we’re not confident in, and that isn’t deserving of your time. With that in mind, the new roadmap will be much smaller, but we’ve made the decision to focus on the big Mistlands update directly after we’re done with Hearth & Home, putting aside the smaller updates for now...

That being said, we would like to share some of the upcoming Hearth & Home content here. This is by no means a complete list but a taste of what’s cooking.

New build pieces – Darkwood roofs and window hatches.

New cooking station extensions – spice rack, butcher table, pots & pans... In addition to this we've also implemented a new food system that places more importance between boosting health and stamina, making food choices more interesting based on your playstyle. To this end, we've also made some changes to how stamina/health affects your poise in combat. If you want to play a tanky, defensive viking you should now stock up on health, since this will boost your ability to deflect incoming hits and mitigate damage.

New foods to take advantage of the new system and cooking station extensions– more than 10 new recipes including Eyescream, Shocklate smoothie, various wolf meats, and more.

Plantable onions with pretty onion flowers.

We’re pretty flexible when it comes to what we want to add to the game, and we’re often inspired by a meeting or an awesome comment from the community, which means our roadmap is always going to be fluid. Valheim is also a game about exploration, and we don't want to spoil that feeling of discovery for our players. That said, we do want to be more open with what we’re currently working on, even if it is just our artist Robin working on a piece of content that he's enjoying, but that might never make it into the game. Striking a balance between being transparent about what we are working on, while at the same time not spoiling it for those of you who want to discover it yourselves is tough, but we think it's important to be more informal and open as an Early Access game.

Tomorrow June 11th, at 2PM CEST, we will also be heading to the r/valheim subreddit for an AMA. We’d love for you all to join so we have an opportunity to try and answer as many questions as we can on Hearth & Home and the new roadmap.

We’ll also of course keep posting our monthly development updates and hotfixes as always. Thank you again for continuing to support us, and for your feedback and creativity.

The Iron Gate team
Patch note 0.154.1 Wed, 09 Jun 2021 10:34 CEST

* Fixed issue where capes sometimes formed strange bumps on the back after jumping
* Close build gui with ESC selection fix
* Fuling army event trigger fixed
* Wolf hunt event trigger fixed
* Troll ground slam can now be blocked
* Longship repair & build sound fixes
* Wolfcape durability fix
* Respawning resources timer fix (Berries and flint should now correctly respawn)
* Serpents no longer flee when low on health
* Fixed issue with ship containers not closing properly in some situations
* Raise terrain is more smooth & less pointy
* Fixed water particles & water-surface clipping issues inside boats
* Better fermenter feedback when it’s exposed
* Tweaked some sound assets to use less RAM
* Covered rocks should no longer look wet during rain
Development news 28/05/21 Fri, 28 May 2021 15:07 CEST
We have in a way already received a new team member, say hello to Valheim the horse! We collaborated with our friends at Skövde ryttarförening (Sköve riding club) to get them a new horse (technically pony) for their riding school. Isn’t she a beauty? You will definitely see more of her in the future. (This does not mean that we’ll introduce horses to the game, but it does mean that Iron Gate will take field trips to the stables to meet our four legged colleague)

Since last time we have as usual made some updates and fixes for the game. We, for example, overhauled the harpoon mechanics, added a pre saving message and updated the looks of the troll and two bosses!

Our work on Hearth and Home is still going well. The update is starting to take shape and the past month has been very productive, with many new items and mechanics being finalized. There are of course many more things we want to make before the update is released, as we don’t want to rush it. In our last devblog we explained how we work, wanting to let things take the time they need, and not setting a release date before we know for certain that the game is in a state that we can proudly present, and the response we got was fantastic! We are eternally grateful for having such a kind and understanding community! We are very proud to get to be on this journey with all of you.

In our last two updates we gave you some sneak peeks, and this time is no different! We all have a great time reading your theories on what the items could be, some are more correct than others, but they are all equally creative. This month we present to you these pictures, what do you think they could be?

We are looking into hosting some sort of Q&A, hopefully in June, where we can answer your questions about the game, development and the team! If this is something you’d be interested in, comment below!

Make sure to follow us on social media to not miss any important news!

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0.153.2 Wed, 12 May 2021 12:09 CEST

* Fixed smelter issue when a very long time has passed since visiting (10000 days)
* 30s Pre world save warning added
* Stone stair physics fix
* Inventory screen gamepad focus fix
* Large-creature visual overhaul (troll, boss-2 & boss-3)
* Troll ragdoll material fix
* Harpoon mechanics overhauled
* Engine updated (some stability improvements)
* Draugr archer visual fixes (1 & 2 star draugrs sometimes got the wrong material)
* Fixed issues when crafting station is destroyed while in use
* Creature group spawning adjusted to avoid spawning over total limit (in some cases)
* Credits updated
* Localization updates
Development news 23/04/21 Fri, 23 Apr 2021 14:51 CEST We are once again here to give you a little insight to how the development of Valheim is going!

The Valheim community is still steadily growing, and reading the reviews, feedback and messages you send us warms our hearts. When we're not working, we’re sending each other pictures of amazing things that you’ve built, art you’ve painted and videos you’ve made. Knowing that Valheim has gathered such a wonderful and creative community feels amazing, and words can’t describe how grateful we are.

We are still working from home which is going well, but we would be lying if we said we didn’t miss each other’s company. As we expect Iron Gate to grow, we’re looking for a bigger office. Dreamy office spaces sadly don’t grow on trees, but it’s something that we’re really looking forward to so it is definitely worth the wait. Maybe we’ll even make an office tour when we’ve finally found the right place?

Tweaks and fixes to improve your gaming experiences are still being made. For example, this week we released a patch that included a new terrain modification system, and a bugfix that hinders draugrs from spawning inside stones (draugrs shouldn’t be smart enough to use camouflage). Please up-vote or report new bugs that you find here: {LINK REMOVED}.

Some other things that we have worked on are graphical updates to the troll, the second boss, and the third boss to give their old models some new fresh looks, and have their designs better fall in line with how we envision the enemies of Valheim. We won’t spoil the bosses, but here’s the updated troll!

More hair, nails and more defined muscles, what do you think of its updated look? These enemy updates will be available in the next patch!

This does of course not mean that we’ve forgotten about our next big update, Hearth and Home. The Hearth and Home development is moving forward, and we are working on new mechanics and new items that we can’t wait to show off! Below are two little sneak peeks of what we’re currently working on for Hearth and Home:

Can you see what’s new in this picture, and what could it be part of?

This last picture will be a pretty big part of the update, with many new items relating to it, can you guess what it is?

Valheim was a labor of love and we didn’t decide on a release date before we knew it would be in a state we were happy to release it in, and we are doing the same for this update. Instead of rushing it, we want to let it take the time it needs to get in a state that we’re happy with. We know that you’re all very eager for the update to release (as are we) so we thank you so much for the patience you’re showing! We’re on an exciting journey, and we’re happy to be on it with you.

Make sure to follow us on social media to not miss any important news!

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0.150.3 Mon, 19 Apr 2021 14:49 CEST

* Swamp draugr spawner location fix to prevent draugrs from spawning inside stones
* Lox pet-sfx fix
* Torches in locations should no longer support constructions
* Dolmen location stone size fix
* New terrain modification system
* Terrain-modification priority changed (Terrain modifications in an area should load before buildings, only applies to the new terrain modification system)
* World loading tweaks (to fix issues with ships and buildings getting damaged while loading)
* Stop server list download when leaving the start menu (to decrease network bandwidth usage)
* Lowered the amount of stone required to Raise ground using the hoe
0.148.7 Mon, 29 Mar 2021 13:46 CEST
* Localization updates
* Added separate walk-sneak snow footstep sfx
* Music update ( fixed some sound glitches )
* Credits updated ( Changed the look of the credits screen & added missing names )
* Hammer,Hoe & Cultivator timing & input tweaks ( Slightly lower use delay & queued button presses for a smoother experience...just for you )]]>
0.148.6 Tue, 23 Mar 2021 10:23 CET
NOTE: Don't forget to update your server as well.

* Campfire,Bonfire & hearth take damage when dealing damage
* Reinforced chest inventory space increased to 6x4
* All boss drops can now float on water
* Sunken crypt entrance tweaked (to stop tombstones from getting stuck)
* Fixed rotation of Wood tower shield on item stands
* Deathsquito & Drake trophy drop rate increased
* 1 & 2 Star creature HP fix
* Night-spawning wolves should be easier to tame now (should stop trying to run away & despawn after starting to tame)
* Harpoon does not work on bosses anymore
* Ingame console disabled by default (add launch argument "-console" to enable)
* The console command for enabling developer/debug commands has been changed to “devcommands” from “imacheater” and a warning message has been added.
* Improved enemy projectile reaction system
* Battle axe tweaks (hits multiple enemies easier)
* Player knockback force is affected by equipment speed modifiers (IE heavy gear will reduce the knockback from enemies)
* Blackforest stone tower tweaks
* Ward system fixes (You can no longer place a new ward where an enemy ward overlaps)
* Comfort calculation fixed
* "Failed to connect" error message fixed
* Serpent trophy stack fix
* Missing Moder spawn location in some worlds fixed (NOTE: For existing worlds "genloc" command needs to be run manually in a local game with dev commands enabled to generate new locations, this is only needed if your specific world has this issue, this is not very common)
* Megingjord item-collider fix
* Added a slight use-delay on Hammer, Hoe & Cultivator
* Hammer remove auto-repeat added
* Better network bandwidth handling (should work better on low bandwidth connections & also use higher data rate if possible)
* Dolmen location fixes (Stop top stone from falling for no reason)
* Fixed removing item from item-stand not always syncing item stats
* Server list refresh button can be pressed before the entire list has been downloaded
* Better bad connection detection
* Fixed issue causing server to send more data the longer a client was connected
* Localization updates